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Welcome to the home of the 25th Army Band!


To provide music that promotes troop morale, esprit de corps, and civil/military relations.

Being a member of the 25th Army Band is very rewarding. We perform all over Idaho, neighboring states, and occasionally foreign countries. Our job is to increase morale and represent the Idaho Army National Guard.

Upcoming Events

Unit History


The 25th Army Band was originally organized in the fall of 1925 as the Band Section, Headquarters Troop 116th Cavalry, Idaho National Guard and was located in Caldwell, Idaho. The band was activated for a period of five years during WWII and served in France. In 1954 the 25th Army Band was again activated for federal service and stationed at Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. They played a weekly radio show, which aired for ten years. The band returned to Caldwell, Idaho in 1956 and resumed National Guard status. In 1988 the band moved to Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho where it is currently based. The Band has been a significant part of the musical scene in the Boise Valley.

Recent significant events

  • During the summer of 1993, the 25th Army Band traveled to perform in France for Annual Training. The Band spent three days in Paris playing at the U. S. Residency for Ambassador Pamela Harriman’s official installation. Attendance at this event numbered over 5,000 dignitaries and celebrities. In attendance were Lauren Bacall, Joan Collins and the son of Charles de Gaul. There were Ambassadors, Prime ministers, military leaders and dignitaries from over seventy countries. The remaining eight days were spent in Southern France performing concerts, receptions and parades on the Riviera..
  • The summer of 1994, the Band traveled to Costa Rica for twelve days to play at the Ambassador’s Residency for a 4th of July celebration for over 5,000 Americans and their dependents residing in San Jose and the surrounding area. During that evening, the Band played for a formal diplomatic reception.
  • In June of 2002, the 25th Army Band traveled to Calgary and Edmonton, Canada. Performances were played at the Calgary Stampede and at the Station Forces base, (Canadian Army.)
  • In August 2005, the Band performed for President George W Bush for his first ever visit to Idaho.
  • In October 2005, 400+ Soldiers & Airmen of the Idaho National Guard (including the band) spent a month in southern Louisiana to help the victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita. This marked the first time in its history that the band was deployed for something other than music.

Many of the former commanders live in the Treasure Valley including Bill Rankin, Don Roblyer, Jerry Howard, Don Bell, Kathryn Hanson and Dennis Keck and are very active in the music scene throughout the valley.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kevin C. Durfee received official notification of appointment to serve as the next commander in March 2003. Chief Durfee holds a Master of Arts degree (Music Education) from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.

The Band is stationed at GOWEN Field in Boise, Idaho. Our members are traditional Guard soldiers that live throughout Southwestern Idaho. Our primary mission is to provide musical support to the members of the Guard, the citizens of Idaho and the United States or as overseas missions require. The Band performs primarily within the State of Idaho.

The 25th Army Band is comprised of different musical segments; the concert band, The Jazz Militia, the marching band and many small combo groups playing dixieland jazz, brass ensemble, woodwind quintet, rock and country and western music.

The 25th Army Band has been awarded three unit citations. In 1983 the Band was awarded the State of Idaho Meritorious Unit Award for superior mission performance. In 1988, the Band was awarded the Adjutant General’s Outstanding Unit Award for exceptional meritorious and superior performance. This award was presented a second time to the Band in 1994.


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Large Group Ensembles

These traditional mainstays of the military music tradition are create from the union of several music support teams.

Ceremonial Band
This ensemble of 50+ members upholds the Army tradition of ceremonial and concert music.

Marching Band
On the field or on the pavement the marching Band stands ready.

The Jazz Militia
For the in your face jazz sound that will engage your guests at your next dinner, dance, or concert.

Music Support Teams

From rock and roll to classic quintet music our specialized music support teams are capable of fulfilling any need.

Uncle Sam - Rock Combo
Uncle Sam serves the role of what the Army calls a "Large Popular Music Ensemble". We are a diverse group of musicians who perform covers of rock, country, and funk music. We have a solid rhythm section with multiple lead vocalists and feature a screaming horn line. Uncle Sam is a good fit for dances, parties, and outdoor events.

Snake River Jazz Combo
Bring the jazz club to your social event with the intimate jazz combo sound of Snake River Jazz.

General Issue Jazz
Mixing the jazz combo concept with the depth of a great marimba and the vibes, this combo's unique style can blend into any environment and stand out in front of the crowd.

Weapons of Brass Destruction
The tradition of the brass band mixed with the intimacy of a small quintet - capable of providing music for any occasion.

Tuba Soldiers
From the classics to modern rock, the Tuba Soldiers can deliver with their characteristic clear strong sound.

Make your next event one worth remembering with the one and only sound of Saxification. Saxification features a rich blend of four saxophones playing music from many genres.

Woodwind Quintet
The Woodwind Quintet mixes the timeless sound of the classic with today's ceremonial standards to provide the perfect sound for your next dinner, wedding, or social event.



Request Us

How to Request the 25th Army Band

To request the band for your event, fill out DD Form 2536 and submit it to
our public affairs office at:

      JFHQ Public Affairs Office
      4040 W. Guard St. BLDG 600
      Boise, ID 83705
      Phone: 208-272-5232
      Fax: 208-422-6418

Important Note

The band is more likely to support requests that are submitted several months ahead of the desired performance date. Requests for performances in the Treasure valley area (if approved) will not require sponsorship for transportation, lodging, and mess support. Band availability in locations outside the Treasure Valley will be dependant on available training time, available travel money, and sponsorship from the requesting organization.

How to Join

Start a Rewarding Career

Being a member of the 25th Army Band is very rewarding. We perform all over Idaho, neighboring states, and occasionally foreign countries. Our job is to increase morale and represent the Idaho Army National Guard. We play for events such as:

  • Military Ceremonies
  • Military Balls
  • Social Events
  • Dances
  • Parades
  • Public Concerts

Another rewarding part of being in the 25th Army Band is having the opportunity to further your musical abilities in several professional ensembles. Some of our musical ensembles are:

  • Concert Band
  • The Jazz Militia
  • Rock Combo
  • Jazz Combo
  • Small Ensembles
  • Solo Opportunities

Our Schedule

From rehearsing to performing, the 25th Army Band stays alert and motivated throughout the entire year. To fulfill our musical requirements, it is vital for us to meet frequently so our music stays at a professional level. Our rehearsal schedule is typically the first Saturday and Sunday of the month from 8am-4pm.

Although we have performances throughout the year, the summer months are our busiest time. A typical schedule would have up to four performances per month, and the best part? WE GET PAID not just for performances but for practice too!!

We understand that school and/or job conflicts can happen. In that case, arrangements can be made to make up missed drills as needed. Every effort is made to avoid performances on holidays or other special events (i.e. school concerts at BSU, NNU, ACI and other colleges)

If you would like to learn more, come sit in with us. Observe what we do, rehearse with us and ask us questions. No pressure at all. Just give us a call so we can plan for your attendance and if necessary, arrange transportation for you.

Requirements for Membership

If you are interested in becoming a member of the 25th Army Band, there are only a few requirements.

  • Pass an audition (we will give you this information when you visit)
  • Pass a military physical when it is scheduled.
  • Attend and successfully complete Basic Training
  • Attend the Army's School of Music

And do not worry; we will help you all along the way.


There are so many benefits to joining our band. Here are some of the most important.

  • Perform with professional musicians
  • Use professional instruments
  • Get amazing Education Benefits including the Montgomery GI Bill and tuition assistance
  • Free CLEP Testing
  • Life Insurance
  • Extra income
  • Opportunities to share your musical talents with the community
  • Travel Opportunities
  • Retirement Benefits

You get all of this, plus, you get paid to play music!

For More Information

Call the band office for more information, to visit, or to set up a time to "sit in" with the band. 208-272-3581.


Who can join the 25th Army Band?

Any musician, male or female, who is otherwise qualified to enlist in the Idaho Army National Guard and can pass a prearranged audition can join the 25th Army Band. To arrange an audition call 208-272-3581.

How well do I have to play?

The main interest is in your sight-reading ability and demonstrated musicianship: tone; technique; rhythm; and intonation. Perfection is not expected, but honest effort is. When you pass the audition, the Army will assist you in learning and growing as a musician.

Where do I audition?

Auditions for the 25th Army Band may be given at the band building on post at Gowen Field or another prearranged site within the state. Auditions are normally conducted during regular drill rehearsals, but arrangements can be made if another time is needed. A recruiter can arrange for transportation to and from the audition.

What is required on an audition?

You may demonstrate your level of musicianship by preparing a solo (Grade IV or higher), knowing all of the major scales and arpeggios (two octaves where possible) and sight. Percussion, Keyboard and Rhythm instruments have additional requirements. An explanation of the Audition process can be downloaded here. Call for more details.

Can I request a pre-audition

Many people request a pre-audition to assist in preparations for joining the Army bands.

What rank will I be?

Those who pass the audition may enlist at the advanced pay grade of E-4 (Specialist) under the Civilian Acquired Skill Program.

Why are Army musicians enlisted at advanced grades?

To become an Army musician, you must be able to play an instrument proficiently. The Army calls this "civilian acquired skills." This means that prior to enlistment, you had many years of training and practice to learn this skill. The Army recognizes this training and practice and enables you to enlist at an advanced grade.

What other benefits will I receive?

Idaho National Guard members qualify for TRICARE Health Insurance, low-cost life insurance (up to a $400,000 benefit), Post Exchange and Commissary privileges. You may also qualify for G.I. Bill and State tuition assistance to further your education. Non-monetary benefits include being able to play with a professional group of musicians, playing a professional grade instrument, and traveling in and out of the State of Idaho.

What if I don't live in Idaho?

The Idaho National Guard supports those who have a desire to serve. In addition to providing mileage reimbursement and on post housing for drill, all soldiers are entitled to in state tuition to any of the Idaho state schools.

What is the typical Rehearsal and Performance schedule like?

We typically rehearse one weekend per month. In addition, we have public performances scattered throughout the year, some on our regular drill days, most on our additional 15 AT (Annual Training) days. A standard rehearsal may include Drill (marching) band, Concert Band, The Jazz Militia, and small groups. We like to stay as busy (and as visible to the public) as we can!

Do I have to attend the School of Music?

Yes. National Guard members are provided four weeks of paid training consisting of lessons with a professional on your instrument, instruction in applying theory to music, and enhancing the soldiers understanding of musical concepts.