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Reporting Instructions

Report to 1/204th ATB, Bldg, 810, Gowen Field NLT 1600 on the course report date. Students may report in civilian attire.


Transportation to Gowen Field is available for those arriving at Boise Municipal Airport by calling 208-272-4850. MUST CALL PRIOR to 1600 hrs.


No earlier than 0900 and no later that 1600.

If you cannot meet the reporting time
You must notify the school Headquarters by calling prior to 1600 on report date.

Students arriving after the 1600 report time

Call 208-272-4850 for a phone message that will instruct you to pick-up your room key at the front gate and report to the class leader.

You will be required to take a taxi to Gowen Field
(this cost is reimbursable, keep your receipt).

The dining facility stops serving dinner at 1830. If you can not report in time, you may want to consider eating at the airport.

Early Arrivals

It is recommended that you not arrive prior to report date as quarters and rations may not be available. If you have no alternative, you must coordinate with 1/204th Headquarters for advanced billeting. Gowen Field will not issue statements of non-availability for billeting. If your orders indicate otherwise, contact your Headquarters to have them corrected.