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HHC 116 HBCT - Family Readiness Groups

Contact Information

Due to security concerns, Soldiers and family members wishing to get in touch with the FRG need to contact the commander, CPT Kaminsky (208-272-8629), who will forward the contact information to the FRG.

Help Wanted!

Volunteer Positions Needing Filled

Volunteer positions that still need to be filled include:

Fundraising Coordinator:
Someone with creative ideas to put together and organize fundraising events.

Children's Event Coordinator:
Someone to plan entertaining events for children during FRG meetings, and other events. Volunteers will assist with set up, supervision, and clean up. This is for children ages 10 and under.

Events Coordinator:
Someone to work closely with the 'FRG chairperson that will organize the entertainment and refreshments of FRG functions. Volunteers will assist the events coordinator with set up and clean up.

Comfort Care Helper:
Volunteers willing to help out families with immediate essential needs. Examples include: meals, child care, house cleaning, yard work, pet care.

Phone Tree:
Volunteers willing to make phone calls to FRG families.